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On Feb 7, 5:15 pm, Warm Worm wrote:
> Hi, I was curious if these (preferred) toilets can be installed in a
> residence (and how they flush without a tank). Perhaps they cannot,
> depending on location codes, but if so, my question would then be, why
> not? Do they use too much water?
> The toilets I"m referring to look like these and are both in
> residences:

Maybe you can figure this out,
Years ago I worked with Crane Supply, but had only a superficial
knowledge of plumbing, still do, but did our house ok.
We have a low flush Crane with the deepest longest bowl we could
find, it works ok, sometimes "log-jams", as Don delicately puts it.
I"m 6" tall and sometimes the bowl is a bit small, you know, when
my PP is not flacid, (semi to put it delicately).
When I 1st learned to pee in a toilet, I could almost drape it over
the rim, now with height and eyesight issues I need telescopic
sights to hit it standing up, but I sit so as not to splash, I perfer
to go outside and find a bush.
How tall are you?

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